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One of the best things I have done for myself and my husband is to commit to monthly massages. I feel this is an investment in our health and Jennifer is the best massage therapist we have ever had. She not only helps you feel good, she helps people live better!

~Patty Haas

After searching for the best massage therapist…I finally found Jen. She is amazing! Her deep tissue massage is outstanding. She is knowledgeable and her continuing education keeps her updated on the newest techniques. I highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed!

~Neysa Reiche

I have had good massages, I have had not so good massages. Jen gives THE BEST massages I have ever had. I appreciate someone who is not afraid to get into problem areas and do everything she can to help me heal!

~Lindsay Bonnar

Jennifer is the best massage therapist I have been to. She can do in one hour what most can’t even do in an hour and a half! If you are someone who usually has to get a lot of painful deep tissue massage just to even scratch the surface, you must see Jennifer and try the fire cups! Most relaxed my muscles (and I) have been in years!

~Amy Grotski

Jennifer has been my massage therapist for years. I suffer from severe migraines and and usually need an intense deep tissue massage. I have used other massage therapists but Jennifer has tremendous technique and flow to her massages. She really digs into knots in muscles, and also where other might not get as intense. I have had a relaxing massage once or twice, but whatever your pain or pleasure, Jennifer will accommodate you. Jennifer has greatly helped me reduce my headache pain and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the best massage therapist in the world!

~Terry Valentine

Jenny is welcoming, friendly, courteous and thoughtful. She is very thorough and professional and listens to the cares of her clients and massages them according to their needs and concerns.


I was referred for my first massage about 18 months ago and was skeptical to say the least. After my first appointment with Jen I became a true believer. I battles sore back issues for years, amongst other muscle ailments that cropped up when I started a regular workout routine. Massage therapy with Jen has improved my muscle recovery and overall health. Even mitigate symptoms of gout!

~Rick Vydrzal

Jennifer does an excellent job and is knowledgable with many different varieties of massage. She listens to your needs and determines the type of massage that will help; whether its for pain or just relaxation. I’ve seen Jen for a couple years now and she has helped me tremendously with my back issues. I always leave her office feeling better.

~Sarah Sharar

I had been in a car accident and was suffering from whiplash. I had tried other forms of treatment and received little relief. After receiving massage therapy with Jennifer, I was finally able to eliminate my whiplash related neck pain and daily headaches. I am so grateful! Jennifer was also very flexible and accommodating to meet difficult scheduling needs. I highly recommend Jennifer to everyone!

~Katrina K

Jenn is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. I have been going to her for 2 years now.  When winter gets me down, a trip to Jenn is in order. From tendonitis to headaches, she has been instrumental in helping me heal.  She listens to any aches or pains I may have and makes sure to give those areas special attention, but I always leave with my whole body feeling great.  I can’t recommend her enough!

~Michelle Nelson